Bankruptcy Car Loans

BKCarFinance specializes in providing auto lending solutions for individuals with less than perfect credit.  We understand that past financial hardships happen and we’re here to help facilitate auto lending.  In fact, we’ve partnered with direct auto finance companies and car dealers across the country that specialize in the post-bankruptcy niche, enabling you to get the financing you need from lenders who excel in bankruptcy car loans . Getting approved is simple with three easy steps:

    1. Complete and submit our secure online application from the comfort of your home.
    2. Wait to hear back from one of our lending partners.  You could be contacted within minutes but it can take a few hours if your credit is more challenging.
    3. If you receive multiple loan offers, compare them and select the one that is most favorable.  Then go buy your car!

Bankruptcy Filings

In 2005, bankruptcy filings hit an all-time record high.  That year over 2 million Americans declared bankruptcy.  That’s a staggering one in fifty-five households!  The number of bankruptcies filed the following year took a significant nosedive, delving down to 600,000, the lowest number reported in 20 years.  In March of 2013, the United States Courts report that bankruptcy filings are down 14 percent from March 2012.  At BKCarFinance we have real auto lending solutions for people that have filed bankruptcy in the past.

Buying a Car After Declaring Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Do you have a discharged Chapter 7 on your credit report and need to buy a car?  If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.  The good news is that BKCarFinance works with a network of real lenders that specialize in bankruptcy car loans.

Apply with confidence using our secure application. Our lending platform is integrated with direct auto finance companies and a network of participating auto dealers which increases your chances for approval.  Wheterh you had a bankruptcy or other credit problems, here’s what you’ll need to qualify for a loan:

    1. FICO score of 525 or higher
    2. No repossessions within the last 12 months
    3. All bankruptcies must be discharged or complete
    4. Gross verifiable monthly income of $1800 or more
    5. Some minimum amount of qualifying installment or revolving credit

Get Approved Before You Go to the Dealership

People with good credit don’t usually encounter difficulties when shopping for auto loans.  In fact, they oftentimes get competitive financing options from multiple lenders.  At BKCarFianance we not only provide financing solutions for qualified buyers, we provide them with access to our entire network of lenders and approved dealers.  Apply with BKCarFinance and enjoy the very same opportunities as people with good credit.

It’s our ambition to arm you with the same financing ammunition that those without credit challenges enjoy, namely one or more car loans to choose from. When you arrive at a dealership with pre-approved financing, you’re in the driver’s seat. Negotiate the price of the car – not the terms of a loan.

Our Post-Bankruptcy Car Loans Solution

If you have a discharged bankruptcy 7, we can help. Our network of car finance companies and dealers specialize in this niche. Apply now and you could be approved and driving your new car in as little as 24 hours.