Bad Credit Car Financing Made Simple

BKCarFinance offers a unique auto financing solution for people with bankruptcies or other credit problems.  Our integration with bad credit car financing companies provides the opportunity to receive up to four loan offers from the privacy of your home.  Once approved, download your e-check and go purchase a car like a cash buyer—it’s that simple!

Bad credit doesn’t have to equate to no car loan.  If you’ve experienced financial difficulties in the past, we can help. Here’s how it works:

    1. Complete our secure, online application
    2. Within minutes, you’ll be notified of your loan decision from one or more of our direct lenders. For people with more difficult credit, it could take up to a few hours.
    3. Compare loan options, choose the one that’s best for you and go purchase a car!

Does Everyone Qualify For Car Financing?

Unfortunately, no.  Our participating auto lenders and car dealers are generally able to provide financing according to the following guidelines:

    1. Minimum verifiable gross monthly income of $1,800.00 dollars
    2. FICO score of 525 or higher
    3. No repossessions  within the last 12 months
    4. No open bankruptcies
    5. Must have some minimum amount of qualifying credit

If you meet the minimum criteria described above you could be approved and driving your new car in as little as 24 hours.

Our Direct Lending Options

BKCarFinance is able to help people find bad credit car financing through its partnerships with direct auto finance companies. Our process allows you to receive up to four loan offers and the opportunity to get pre-approved before going to a dealership – usually within minutes of applying. If approved, a lender will contact you with the details of the loan. Next, download your e-check and go purchase your car – it’s that simple!

Our Indirect Lending Options

In addition to our direct lending channel, BKCarFinance works with a network of car dealers help people with bad credit purchase a vehicle. Once you apply, your information is sent to a participating car dealer in your area, if we have one.  A credit specialist will contact you to discuss any financing options you may have. Compare the terms offered by the dealer with those you’ve received from our direct lending partner and choose the one that’s best for you.

Getting Started

Our network of car dealers and auto finance companies specialize in providing bad credit car financing.  Apply today and you could be approved in minutes.