BKCarFinance And Bad Credit Auto Loans

We understand not everyone has perfect credit but we also believe bad credit shouldn’t impede your ability to get approved for an auto loan. Whether you’ve had a bankruptcy or other credit problems, our objective is to arm you with the best lending options available so when you’re ready to purchase a car, you can do it with confidence.

BKCarFinance integrates directly with auto lenders and car dealers that specialize in bad credit auto loans. In fact, our unique lending platform provides customers an opportunity to receive multiple loan offers and with our direct lending channel, you could be pre-approved before going to a dealership. Poor credit or a discharged bankruptcy shouldn’t stop you from getting the car you need.  Simply complete our secure, online application today and see how we can make a difference in your car buying pursuit.

Car Finance Options for Poor Credit

There are a number of reasons a person may have difficulties securing a car loan. Maybe you’ve never applied for and purchased something using credit and have no credit history.  Perhaps you’ve experienced financial hardship and had to file bankruptcy in the past.  Whatever the reason for your situation, we may be able to help.  In fact, we have helped thousands of individuals and families with bad credit get the car they need regardless of their financial circumstances.  And it isn’t uncommon for us to find multiple lenders who are willing to provide bad credit auto loans, either.  If you’ve been rejected for car financing, we urge you to apply today.

The BKCarFinance Difference

With BKCarFinance, you get the power of choice. Because we integrate with multiple car finance companies, you may receive more than one loan offer.  We believe that everyone should have the ability to buy the car they need regardless of credit history.  We’re committed to that objective and employ a team of capable individuals who share our ideology.  We work hard to help you get the car financing you need whether you’ve filed bankruptcy or not.  A few things that set us apart from other car finance companies include:

    • Industry leading auto lenders.  Although we’re not the lender, our lending platform integrates with some of the largest auto lenders and car dealerships in the country that specialize in helping people with bad credit.
    • Pre-approvals. Buying a car is a nerve racking experience for anyone – particularly if you have credit problems. We empower our customers by giving them the chance to receive one or more pre-approvals before shopping for a car.  Arrive at the dealership armed and ready to take home your new car on your terms with pre-approved car financing.
    • We act as a liaison.   We’re here for you during the entire car buying process and act as the liaison between you and our lending partners.

The Power of Choice

One of the greatest advantages we provide is the potential to receive multiple offers for bad credit auto loans. People with good credit typically have multiple lending options available to them when they go car shopping and it’s our goal to do the same for you.  Don’t let bankruptcy stand between you and your auto loan.  Get the car or truck you need today by completing our easy loan application online.