Our Network of Bad Credit Auto Lenders

BKCarFinance provides solid auto financing solutions for people that may have experienced credit difficulties.  Our unique lending platform is integrated with direct lenders and approved auto dealerships that provide auto loans for people with good and bad credit.  If you have challenges with credit, or even a discharged bankruptcy, we may be able to help you qualify for a loan through our participating bad credit auto lenders.

Advantages of Our Direct Auto Lenders

People with good credit can easily qualify for auto financing from a bank or a credit union. In fact, they have options when it comes to getting a loan. For people with bad credit it can be more challenging to acquire credit approval for an auto loan.

BKCarFinance gives you access to direct auto lenders that provide financing for poor credit and post-bankruptcy credit profiles.

Using a direct lender from our network has many advantages including:

    • Preapproved financing.  If you qualify for an auto loan with one of our direct lending partners, you’ll receive all the necessary loan documentation via e-mail, including a downloadable e-check that can be used at any new car dealer in your state.
    • Multiple lending offers.  When applying through BKCarFinance, you could receive auto financing offers from up to four lenders. Choose the offer with the best terms and go shopping for your car.
    • Confidence at the dealership.  Avoid the hassle of going back and forth negotiating car payments at the dealership. Preapproved financing with one of our bad credit auto lenders empowers you to shop like a cash buyer and allows you to focus on the price of the car, not the terms of a loan.

Advantages of Our Approved Auto Dealers

Not everyone will qualify for an auto loan through our direct lending platform which is why we also contract with a nationwide network of car dealers that work with credit challenged customers. Our participating dealers have a separate person or department dedicated to helping people with bad credit, a large selection of new and used cars and contractual relationships with sub-prime auto finance companies.

Other advantages include:

    • A broad lending network.  Our participating auto dealers have a broader network of bad credit auto lenders that they work with.
    • A lending solution for people with really bad credit.  Oftentimes, our dealers have relationships with deep sub-prime lenders which allow them to arrange car financing for individuals with really poor credit.
    • Knowledgeable staff.  Our dealers are well versed in non-prime auto loans and understand what it takes to get you approved.

BKCarFinance Advantages

When you apply with us, your information is sent to our direct lending platform and a participating auto dealer in your area, if we have one. You could be approved by more than one lender and if so, choose the loan with the best terms for your situation and go purchase a car. Of course you’re under no obligation to accept the terms of any loan offered.

Additional advantages include:

    • Fast online approval.  Apply from the convenience of your personal computer or laptop and receive loan decisions from actual lenders within minutes.
    • Educational auto financing resources.  Most people want to learn more about what they can do to improve their chances of getting approved for an auto loan.  If you’re among them, we have educational resources that can help you understand industry terms, trade-in values, auto loan calculations and more.
    • Exceptional customer service.  We know how challenging it can be to obtain auto financing, especially when you have bad credit.  With over 100 years of combined auto finance experience and a network of bad credit auto lenders, we can help.